Teaching Fingerpaint Christmas Lights

Daycare Chronicles: Christmas part 1

Lucas: Teacher, I have a question. Why do we need to see pictures of Christmas? Teacher: because it’s almost Christmas so our lessons this week will be about Christmas T: can you draw the nativity scene as we saw in the video? Follow the steps. L: Teacher I’m done! Spotlight me! L: My name is…

Daycare Chronicles: Sun

Teacher: what will happen if we don’t have the sun Lucas: we cant play with our toys L: and if our toys freeze then we need a really strong hammer to break the ice and then play

Daycare Chronicles: For Science!

Over the weekend, we did some experiments as recommended by Lucas’ teacher. We simulated rainfall and the water cycle. More details here Today, they discussed rain: Teacher: Lucas, I saw the experiments you did with the rain cloud. You took my project and made it even better. I’m so happy. Lucas: Yes! I did Science!

Daycare Chronicles: Vegetables

Teacher: who has gone to a farm where they grow vegetables?Kid 1: me! I went to a farmKid 2: me too! I grow vegetables!L: me! I’ve been to a farm and grew vegetables!L: I grew vegetables by myself!L: only me!

Lessons In a Time of Corona

Last night we talked to The Child and explained that his playschool is closed due to people being sick. This morning we put him in his school uniform then went through the routine of breakfast then at his lego desk in the playroom we reviewed the ABC’s, books with animals, fruits, colors and shapes etc….