Experiment part 2: The Sun is shining but the ice is slippery

This was Lucas trying to explain on video what the experiment was about and what happened to the ice. it took longer than expected because it was drizzling all morning and it was cloudy with a chance of a bit of sun. he then said the sun was sleeping

Experiment: The Ice is Melting

Recently at school, the kids have been doing more experiments but sometimes they don’t have time to do it during class so teacher assigns homework for the kids to do themselves and then they talk about it the next day. Since the art lesson of the day is to mix red and yellow to make…

Daycare Chronicles: Playdoh planets

Instead of drawing we will use playdoh to make planets, we have to make Venus and the Earth. L: it’s hard to make the planets out of playdoh because it has to be very very round and it has to spin like this *spins arms around and around* L: this orange playdoh is the sun…

Mealtime Chronicles: Planets

Mommy, our lesson today was about planets And the planets orbit around the sun Like this *arms spinning around and around* Planets don’t fly off into space because of gravity

Daycare Chronicles: Sun

Teacher: what will happen if we don’t have the sun Lucas: we cant play with our toys L: and if our toys freeze then we need a really strong hammer to break the ice and then play

Daycare Chronicles: Sunglasses

These are my sunglasses, you wear them when it’s sunny outside. You wear them when it’s daytime and when it’s night time you stay inside.

Daycare Chronicles: Sunny Day

I made a sunny day with the house that is blue, the tree stem (trunk) is brown, the leaves are green. Also the sun is yellow and the clouds are red.