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  • Daycare Chronicles: Teeth

    Daycare Chronicles: Teeth

    Teacher: one tooth is called a tooth, when there are many we call them teeth. Can you draw them? Lucas: I only want to draw one tooth. A circle tooth. T: where is your tooth Lucas? L: points at the teeth in his mouth. “Here!” T: not the one in your mouth, the drawing. L:…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Face

    Daycare Chronicles: Face

    Teacher: you can use this guide to draw a face. Lucas: I’m going to make eyes, a nose and a sideways smile L: Teacher excuse me teacher! I’m done! L: you can spotlight me if you like. L: it’s my face. See!

  • Daycare Chronicles: Teeth

    Daycare Chronicles: Teeth

    Teacher: today our lesson is about teeth. What can you tell us about your teeth? Kid 1: they are white! Kid 2: you use them to eat! Kid 3: you use them to talk! Lucas: you use them to smile!

  • Daycare Chronicles: Silly boy

    Daycare Chronicles: Silly boy

    In school the kids do a song with actions to say Hello to their classmates, Lucas likes to exaggerate his actions and fall down on the bed backwards after. Today his teacher said to Lucas “you make everybody smile everyday. did you know that?”

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