Data Visualization with Playdoh

The Child likes Playdoh. so we found these 2 sets really cheap, less than P300 each. They have math and science activities you can do with the playdoh using templates, sizes and number charts. He really loves them.

Experiment: Home Made Playdoh

Today’s school experiment is home made playdoh. Teacher Angel gave instructions over video while Teacher Candice was guiding the kids over zoom. Unfortunately we used cheap flour and a little too much water so we ended up with a really sticky paste which felt nothing like playdoh. But I think The Child still had fun….

Daycare Chronicles: Playdoh planets

Instead of drawing we will use playdoh to make planets, we have to make Venus and the Earth. L: it’s hard to make the planets out of playdoh because it has to be very very round and it has to spin like this *spins arms around and around* L: this orange playdoh is the sun…