Daycare Chronicles: Meteors

Teacher: why don’t we feel meteorites falling on our heads? Lucas: Because we are inside the house!

Daycare Chronicles: Asteroids

Teacher: please draw the asteroids and the sun I the middle along with other planets. L: My name is Lucas and this is my drawing of the asteroid belt and I didn’t want to draw the planets so I just made many asteroids. T: please write the word Asteroids. L: teacher can you make the…

Daycare Chronicles: Moon

Teacher: you write your name then draw the sun providing the light and then the moon reflecting the light on the Earth in different phases L: My name is Lucas and this is my name up here and I shaded this moon like this and everyone else is with me on this moon. L: This…

Daycare Chronicles: Solar System

Teacher: draw the different planets of the solar system on one piece of paper. Lucas: I want to use MANY pieces of paper! L: the planets are soooo big they cannot fit in one paper L: I’m going to use my rainbow crayon for Jupiter because it’s the biggest and it has rainbows!

Daycare Chronicles: Saturn

Lucas: Teacher teacher I have a question! Excuse me teacher Teacher: yes Lucas what is your question? L: What if Saturn floats away from the solar system? And what if the other planets float away with Saturn? T: the planets will not float away because of… L: GRAVITY! T: that’s right! Very good Lucas. T:…

Daycare Chronicles: Playdoh planets

Instead of drawing we will use playdoh to make planets, we have to make Venus and the Earth. L: it’s hard to make the planets out of playdoh because it has to be very very round and it has to spin like this *spins arms around and around* L: this orange playdoh is the sun…

Mealtime Chronicles: Planets

Mommy, our lesson today was about planets And the planets orbit around the sun Like this *arms spinning around and around* Planets don’t fly off into space because of gravity

Daycare Chronicles: Earth

T: what is this in the picture? L: EARTH! that’s where we live! L: we live in the Philippines also! T: is the Philippines on Earth or is it on Mars? L: Uhm, I think it’s on the Earth. Yes it’s on the Earth, not Mars.

Daycare Chronicles: Lost Planet

Random question today Lucas: Teacher teacher excuse me, I have a question. Excuse me teacher I have a question teacher *raises hand* L: what if we lose the planet? T: we can’t lose the planet Lucas.