Paper Flamingo

Magic Lantern

every Thursday they have a new activity where one student teaches the others something, it can be a craft, art, a dance, whatever they feel like teaching. This week they got to make paper lanterns Then after class, we turned out the lights and put a flashlight inside it.

African Art: Kente cloth

Since their lessons this week was about Africa, their Arts and Crafts for this week was to make an African style Kente cloth using colored paper, paint, markers and some glue.

Daycare Chronicles: School Supplies

Teacher: can you draw things that you use in school? Lucas: teacher, I’m done! spotlight me! L: This is a pencil and this is a computer and this is a phone and this is an eraser and this is a whiteboard and this is my water bottle and this is my name Lucas. L-U-C-A-S Lucas

Daycare Chronicles: Polar Bear

Teacher: I sent your parents a list of materials we need for our art activity. We are going to make a polar bear like the one we saw in the video. Lucas: My name is Lucas and this is my polar bear. I used round cardboard paper for the body (face) and round card paper…

Daycare Chronicles: Koala

Teacher: today’s lesson will be about Koalas, let’s watch a video first. Lucas: Teacher, I have a question. Excuse me teacher T: yes Lucas? L: Why do baby koalas, I mean baby Joeys have to sleep in their mommy’s pouches? T: when baby koalas or Joeys are are still small they can’t walk or climb…