He looks like a chipmunk

After a quick visit to his pediatrician, we got drive through at McDonald’s, he stuffed his cheeks with fries the entire ride home.

Lucas Chronicles: McDonalds Treetop Twins Books

The happy little boy now with his set of 6 Treetop Twins books. He loves reading these before bedtime, he wants to scan them in the McDo Happy Meal app to get the additional features and the interactive animated reading story. He had already memorized the first 4 books even before he learned to read….

Show and Tell: McDo Treetop Twins Books

Lucas: My name is Lucas and these are my Treetop Family books L: There is a Dolphin book L: And a Quagga book L: And also a Polar bear book L: Then a Dodo book L: Inside the book there is the Treetop Family L: Asha, Alfie, Professor Penelope, Professor Pablo, Tulip and Ted. L:…

Show and Tell: McDo Books

L: My name is Lucas, these are my books. L: This one is from Loola and this one is from my daddy. L: This book is about a dolphin and this one is about a polar bear. L: You know what happened in the story? They turned their time machine into a boat! L: Then…