Daycare Chronicles: Solar System

Teacher: draw the different planets of the solar system on one piece of paper. Lucas: I want to use MANY pieces of paper! L: the planets are soooo big they cannot fit in one paper L: I’m going to use my rainbow crayon for Jupiter because it’s the biggest and it has rainbows!

Daycare Chronicles: Mars

Teacher: What did you learn from the video about Mars? L: Mars is a planet after Earth. L: it is color red. L: there are many volcanos! L: I’m afraid of the lava from the volcanos! THE FLOOR IS LAVA! AAAAH *Jumps all around* L: I don’t like the lava

Daycare Chronicles: Earth

T: what is this in the picture? L: EARTH! that’s where we live! L: we live in the Philippines also! T: is the Philippines on Earth or is it on Mars? L: Uhm, I think it’s on the Earth. Yes it’s on the Earth, not Mars.