Flip Flops for the Beach

Continuing their lessons about summertime and travel to the beach, they watched a video on how slippers or flip Flops are made and Lucas kept commenting or showing off his own rubber tsinelas.

Daycare Chronicles: School friends

Teacher: our lesson today is about our friends in school: T: what is a friend? Kid 1: a friend is someone you play with. Kid 2: a friend is my neighbor Kid 3: a friend is someone you play with. Lucas: A friend is someone you learn with.

Daycare Chronicles: Congratulations

Teacher: your classmate has introduced us to a new word, “Congratulations”. Can you give examples when you say Congratulations? Kid 1: congratulations on your new job! Kid 2: congratulations on your new baby! Kid 3: congratulations on your new house! Lucas: congratulations you win a race!

Lucas Chronicles: Yo

Lucas: this card is the letter Y, it has a Yo Mommy: that’s a yo-yo, can you spell yo-yo? L: Y, O, *pause* minus Y, O *pause* equals YO

Daycare Chronicles: Cocoa

Subject is Ivory Coast One of the food they produce is chocolate L: Teacher let me tell you about cocoa beans that are made into chocolate! T: that’s right but you can tell us about that later L: Okay!