Daycare Chronicles: Restaurant

Teacher: let’s draw a restaurant menu with prices and make sure to give your restaurant a name. T: Lucas what did you name your restaurant? Lucas: The Lucas Restaurant Special Awesome!

Lucas Chronicles: Ice Cream Man

Lucas heard the ice cream music outside the house and started shouting LOLLIPOP! I told him it’s not lollipop, it’s popsicle. Lucas: POPSICLE!

Daycare Chronicles: Sweet

Teacher: Today we are chefs, we will be making something sweet. Can you name things that are sweet? Kid 1: lollipop! Kid 2: chocolates! Kid 3: M&M’s! Lucas: Chocolate also! But I have white chocolate which is the same but also white. Chocolate is my favorite. T: can you draw something sweet? Kid 1: I…

Daycare Chronicles: Math

T: we are adding objects on the screen, choose which one you want to add Lucas: I choose ICE SCREAM! T: yes you scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream T: count the ice cream L: one, two ice creamL: plusL: one, two ice creamL: equals four!