Gaming Giraffe behind the scenes

Scene: #TheChild is playing Garden Warfare 2 for his YouTube channel #GiraffeGaming downstairs and I hear him screaming and shouting at his opponents. Suddenly he says “like and subscribe, and click the bell to get notifications” then AAAAHHHH zombies! #LucasNotLuke#TrooperDad

My Favorite Giraffe

Their lesson today was about the African Savanna, of course he wanted to talk about his favorite animal, the giraffe. Later, he said: “I named this giraffe that I wouldn’t let go of, Mr Giraffe”

I want to look like Trese

Lucas loves playing with water. In the bath, in the shower and outside it. We used to stand his hair up with soap and water when he is in the bath. Recently he found that he can do that himself when he washes his face. Every time he styles his hair, I tell him “you…