I took The Child to the village park to meet up with his cousin Henry, good thing Ate Nixi made it and the three cousins got to play football which quickly escalated to Fightball (it’s not as bad as it sounds)

Daycare Chronicles: Respect

Teacher: show me your drawing with the people whom you respect and how your show respect. Lucas: This is me and this is my daddy and this is Ate Nixi and this is my football and this is a black hole into outer space. T: Lucas can you repeat what you said about that black…

Daycare Chronicles: Sports things

Teacher: What sport did you draw on your notebook? Lucas: I drew a basketball! L: I dribble the basketball L: Then I pass it to one of my parents L: Then I shoot! L: Then I score!

Daycare Chronicles: Football

I will draw the biggest biggest football Look teacher! I made the biggest football! It’s blue and the biggest biggest football! T: will you color it or leave it as is? L: I will leave it as is T: you can put more color, footballs don’t have to be black and white anymore. L: I’m…