Star Wars: The Fries of Skywalker


That bread is as big as his head. after he finished this one, he asked for one more

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast with a 4 year old is interesting, on some days he likes simple food like oatmeal with milo or waffles with chocolate spread. But today we ran out of the ready-to-eat waffles, so i had to break out the stovetop, cast iron waffle maker and the Gardenia sliced bread and manually made him waffles….

Show and Tell: Potato Ricer

Lately Lucas has been watching youtube videos featuring various kinds of kitchen gadgets, like peelers, mashers, slicers etc. His favorite Nunu also likes buying all kinds of kitchen gadgets and when we asked The Child what he wanted to bring to Show and Tell, this was what he picked.

Lucas Chronicles: Brain Food

Lucas: my brain told me I was hungry. the hungriness went from my brain into my life, and that’s why my stomach is growling.