Sandcastles in the Sand

That excavator toy was his daddy’s

Daycare Chronicles: Bridge

My name is Lucas and this is my bridge, there is a tall stand and it is in the middle of the sea and it is floating there. It is very strong. My daddy’s car is driving up here and you cannot see it. These are orange clouds that are very pretty. There are lines…

Daycare Chronicles: Respect

Teacher: show me your drawing with the people whom you respect and how your show respect. Lucas: This is me and this is my daddy and this is Ate Nixi and this is my football and this is a black hole into outer space. T: Lucas can you repeat what you said about that black…

Daycare Chronicles: This Is Mine

Teacher: our lesson for today will be to identify things we own. Can you follow the examples on the screen? Lucas: this Paw Patrol mask is mine L: That baby giraffe is mine L: This is my daddy *pulls me in front of the camera* T: thank you for sharing your daddy with us

Daycare Chronicles: Nose

Teacher: What are things you can smell with your nose? Kid 1: spray paint! Kid 2: flowers! Kid 3: cake! Lucas: I smell my daddy!