Making a piggy bank

Magic Lantern

every Thursday they have a new activity where one student teaches the others something, it can be a craft, art, a dance, whatever they feel like teaching. This week they got to make paper lanterns Then after class, we turned out the lights and put a flashlight inside it.

Online Party

The child wanted to pretend to have a kiddie party and mommy asked who he was going to invite. He kept asking to make it a real party so we asked some friends if they were free to get online and play in Lucas’ online playroom. They were drawing, playing with cars and blocks for…

African Art: Kente cloth

Since their lessons this week was about Africa, their Arts and Crafts for this week was to make an African style Kente cloth using colored paper, paint, markers and some glue.

Daycare Chronicles: I Made a Neighborhood

Thursdays are craft/experiment day. This week the kids made houses out of scrap paper and toilet paper rolls. They put their own designs and decorations and then glued it together. I then put them on a cardboard sheet as a base.

Daycare Chronicles: Making a Clock

they now have weekly craft activities so they learn how to make stuff correctly and safely. This week they made a clock and learned how to tell time.