Breakfast of Champions

he insisted that his birthday breakfast would be 5 waffles, he usually only has two oh, and each one had to have a different spread, so we had butter, chocnut, peanut butter, cheesewiz and choco/milk spread.

Halloween Haul

we drove around the village to the indicated addresses with Halloween giveaways Lucas and Rej would get down and pick up a pack of candy and put it in his basket. by the end of the day, we had filled about five baskets and then some What’s funny was the first thing The Child did…

Lucas Loves Chocolate

Lucas loves chocolate, he likes it so much he gets it everywhere. his mouth his hands his arms the tip of his nose and on his forehead

Daycare Chronicles: Chocolate Hills

Is my drawing of the Chocolate Hills, these are the hills, they are made of real chocolate so I can eat them and this is the green grass, and this is me, Lucas, and this is Nunu, and this the sun, it’s yellow and this is the sky and OH! I forgot to draw birds,…

Lucas Chronicles:Baking a Cake

Lucas: Loola and Mommy and I made a cake with lots of chocolate and chocolate bits and chocolate syrup and chocolate icing. Lucas: Mommy can you put it in the fridge first, I’ll eat it later. Loola: but I wanted to eat it now

Daycare Chronicles: Sweet

Teacher: Today we are chefs, we will be making something sweet. Can you name things that are sweet? Kid 1: lollipop! Kid 2: chocolates! Kid 3: M&M’s! Lucas: Chocolate also! But I have white chocolate which is the same but also white. Chocolate is my favorite. T: can you draw something sweet? Kid 1: I…

Daycare Chronicles: Cocoa

Subject is Ivory Coast One of the food they produce is chocolate L: Teacher let me tell you about cocoa beans that are made into chocolate! T: that’s right but you can tell us about that later L: Okay!