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  • Halloween Candy

    Halloween Candy

  • Packing candy for Halloween

    Packing candy for Halloween

  • Halloween Haul

    Halloween Haul

    we drove around the village to the indicated addresses with Halloween giveaways Lucas and Rej would get down and pick up a pack of candy and put it in his basket. by the end of the day, we had filled about five baskets and then some What’s funny was the first thing The Child did…

  • Packing for Halloween

    Packing for Halloween

    The village neighbors organized a social distanced community halloween in just a few days. pre-packed goodies, to be placed outside houses so the kids can take turns picking them up while staying distant from others. The residents who participated shared their addresses so we could plan our route

  • Daycare Chronicles: Sweet

    Daycare Chronicles: Sweet

    Teacher: Today we are chefs, we will be making something sweet. Can you name things that are sweet? Kid 1: lollipop! Kid 2: chocolates! Kid 3: M&M’s! Lucas: Chocolate also! But I have white chocolate which is the same but also white. Chocolate is my favorite. T: can you draw something sweet? Kid 1: I…

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