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  • Daycare Chronicles: Exercise

    Daycare Chronicles: Exercise

    Lucas: Teacher excuse me, I have a question! Excuse me teacher I want to ask you something. Teacher: yes Lucas can I help you? L: why do we need to exercise? T: exercise is healthy and good for our bodies L: okay, thank you teacher, I’m ready to exercise some more T: get something round…

  • Daycare Chronicles: Temporary Venue

    Daycare Chronicles: Temporary Venue

    Because the internet connection at home was down, we had to find another venue for Lucas to do his online classes. So here is The Child dancing

  • Daycare Chronicles: Physical Education

    Daycare Chronicles: Physical Education

    After six months of daily online classes, Lucas’ daycare added a new activity to their weekly schedule. Physical Education. Every Friday, after their Show and Tell, the kids would do structured exercises led by Teacher Candice. The kids seem to really enjoy the extra strenuous activities of running jumping and stretching. But one fun thing…

  • Daycare Chronicles: More Dance

    Daycare Chronicles: More Dance

    there are no words

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