Show and Tell: Chainsaw

Bumble Roco

The child has still been going to school as regularly as he can while his mommy works beside him. I forgot to remind them about Show and Tell, so the child had to quickly come up with something on the fly. Good thing his Favorite Nunu had this Bumblebee drink tumbler which they call Bumble…

Magic Lantern

every Thursday they have a new activity where one student teaches the others something, it can be a craft, art, a dance, whatever they feel like teaching. This week they got to make paper lanterns Then after class, we turned out the lights and put a flashlight inside it.

My Star Wars Chess Set

I forgot to remind him that today he would have Show and Tell, so immediately after taking a shower, he looked for something in the playroom to bring to class. We got this Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace chess set as a wedding gift back in 2010 I’ve been teaching The Child how…