Biking in lockdown

During the ECQ, nobody is allowed out on the streets, not to walk your dog, not to exercise or even going out for essentials requires a quarantine pass issued by the LGU.

this is especially hard on children who need exercise and outside activities as an alternative to spending the day indoors on YouTube.

usually, The Child bikes around and around in the lanai upstairs, but the space is limited so his training wheels tend to snag on the chairs or something. so we decided to try out a bigger space, our three car garage.

we have two cars, we moved them out of the garage and parked on the street so that Lucas could go around and around to his heart’s desire.

he kept asking me or papa to join him in biking but when i brought out my 40 year old racer bike, we found the seat needed to be adjusted, the rubber of the brakes had hardened and the tires were too slick for our pebble garage floor. even I was scared to use it. especially since the last time i went biking was over 10 years ago.

but I think The Child had fun in the garage, he went biking again in the lanai after dinner.



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