Lucas Chronicles: Batjamas

Lucas: I want to wear my bat pajamas! Then I’ll say *attempting a low voice* I’m Batman

Mommy and Daddy: HAHAHAHA

L: *attempting to talk with a growl* I’m Bat-Lucas!

Mommy: you’re too cheerful

Daddy: you’re too cute, and high pitched

L: Then mommy can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Mommy


L: And daddy can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Daddy


Na na na na na

L: And Loola can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Loola


L: And Nunu can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Nunu


D: wait, that might work

L: And Simba can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Simba

L: And Pandy can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Panda

L: And Cat can be *attempted low growl* Bat-Cat

L: And Giraffe can be *high pitched* Bat-Giraffe

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