Daycare Chronicles: Sharks

Teacher: What did you learn about the video about Sam the Smiling Shark?

Kid 1: sharks are fish!

Kid 2: sharks don’t have bones!

Kid 3: sharks have many teeth!

Lucas: sharks are very old! Like dinosaurs!

Teacher: can you draw a shark like the one on the screen?

Lucas: Teacher I’m done! Spotlight me!

L: Hello, my name is Lucas and this is my shark, he is light blue and has many teeth and this is his tail.

T: I see that you colored your shark blue just like your shorts.

L: nooo! My shorts are dark blue, the shark is colored light blue! See!

T: I can also see that you are wearing your rainbow suspenders. Does that have light blue on it?

L: oh yeah! It does have light blue. Do you like it?

He angled the webcam down so teacher could see him drawing


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