Daycare Chronicles: Activity Sheets

Today there was no school due to the typhoon. Instead, we entertained The Child with the laminated activity sheets that his teacher had sent all the students a week before Halloween.

The care package included some activity sheets for their halloween party, some pretzels and marshmallows which he consumed right after class.

The second part of the care package was to be opened during their second week in November. It was a nice cloth bag with the daycare patch on the front and small handles so it could be carried around. Inside were small pockets for a couple of whiteboard markers and an eraser. Then there were pockets full of aminated activity sheets that were sorted by lesson category.

Lucas immediately wanted to write on all of them. Good thing his teacher said they would only work on them when she says so in class so that they can follow the lesson plan. nice thing was she also included a blank laminated sheet that he could draw on at any time.

everyday he asks if we can work on the other activities since he already answered the old ones.

so far this week they have been learning about dinosaurs. The other activity sheets look like the lessons will be about vegetables, buildings and more. These should cover the lessons up to the end of the year.



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