Sleeping child

The Child sleeps in unusual ways, if he is on the bed with us he has to be touching both of us with a hand or a foot. We had a cat who used to do that too

He also doesn’t like blankets, even if it’s cold, and his mommy and I are using one or two blankets already he will still kick off a blanket immediately after you put it on him. He likes playing with them though.

Early this morning, he crawled out of his crib and into bed with us. Since I’m on the side closest to the crib, he usually crawls over me so he can lie between us. But this morning he just crawled on top of me and fell asleep on my chest while I was rubbing his back. He hasn’t done that with me in about 2 years.

What’s funny was his hands were rubbing my chin or touching my mouth, he was exploring my face while asleep. Next thing I know he had his hand down my shirt like he usually does while breastfeeding. Since I don’t have boobs, he gave up after a few minutes.

A couple of hours later he moved to mommy’s side then next thing I know there is a tiny foot pushing me or a tiny hand rubbing my chin.

Eventually he crawled over to mommy’s other side, and has been sleeping stuck to the wall.



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