Lucas vs The Lines

During school, Lucas has some lessons where they write words that go with photos that their teacher shows them. Lucas has trouble writing in a straight line and writing letters of similar size.

Usually his first three letters will be huge and take up most of the bond paper sized sheet, then he runs out of space for the following letters. He ends up writing them above or below the first letters, in any remaining available space.

Writing Practice

His mommy decided to buy him a writing notebook with lines so that he can practice writing in a straight line and keeping similar sizes.

At first he just drew them as he usually does so I used a different colored crayon and made lines above and below the letter space. He tried writing and it helped to keep the letter sizes correct but the width needed work. I wrote vertical lines to create boxed so he can write within the boxes for practice.

He thinks (writes) outside the box

It seemed to work until he got bored and decided to play.




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