Daycare Chronicles: Lucas vs Zoom

Today I was not sitting in with Lucas during school. Rej was the one watching him while I was out on a supply run.

While driving on EDSA, I get a message from Lucas’ teacher Candice saying “Lucas got disconnected.”

I said I wasn’t with him but I would check what happened.

Rej said, “he turned off Zoom.”

She had turned around to go to the bathroom for a few minutes, and was wondering why The Child was suddenly quiet in class.

When she went to check, he was sitting in front of his computer. Zoom was closed so she asked what happened to school. Thinking there was a problem with the app or something.

To which he said “I turned it off.”

Mommy asked, “why did you do that?”

To which he replied, “because I want to watch.”

So I had to explain this to his teacher.

He chose this outfit



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