Daycare Chronicles: Lettuce

Teacher: which lettuce did you draw? Loose leaf? Iceberg or romaine?
L: I drew the one that looks like a ball.
T: that’s the iceberg lettuce.
L: yes that’s the one I did
T: can you put more lines on it?
L: teacher I’m still drawing it.
L: teacher why do we always draw lettuce?
T: it helps us exercise our drawing skills?
L: when we draw do we always be an artist?
T: yes you can be an artist
L: I always make a rainbow masterpiece
L: I always like to draw a masterpiece, I’m the only one to make a rainbow masterpiece.
T: a lot of people can also draw vegetables
L: We always draw food and food and vegetables
L: But we always always always draw food


L: teacher why do we always draw everyday?
L: can I draw cooked lettuce?
L: look at my cooked lettuce

He draws quickly so he can talk to the teacher

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