Today in Daycare Chronicles: Artists

Lesson for today: Artists
L: I want to be an artist, when I’m still little, I can be an artist. I have a giant rainbow crayon sticks out tongue but sometimes I use paint with water and brushes.
I also draw all the time, sometimes I paint and I can make things all the time.
T: you can draw some more
L: teacher, we always always draw in here. I can make a plane with rainbow colors.
T: you really like drawing rainbows
L: Because we always make a rainbow airplane with blue, and orange and yellow and green and green and green and rainbow.
And even more because my camera is on, I can see you.
Other kids: all quietly drawing and painting
L: because we always always always draw and even while I’m still talking wait for me to talk.
L: oh! That’s my name, L U C A S
L: that’s rainbow! Rainbow is my favorite!

L: I drew a robot car!







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