Lucas’ zoom setup – online classes

On the second week of the quarantine, Lucas’ daycare started online classes. it helped improve his mood a lot from the first week being cooped up in the house.

during the first week, he was moody and quick to cry, but after a few days of 40 minute classes with 3 to 6 other kids, he became happy and more cheerful. They have a song at the star and end of class, they do warm up exercises, learn the alphabet and do arts and crafts.

But his favorite part is Friday Show and Tell, that’s when we let him choose what he wants to show and we tell him to think of what he will say to his classmates and teacher about his chosen item. it’s so amusing to watch him think of what to say.

we suggest that everyone with small kids enroll them in online classes so that they get to interact with other kids even if its less than an hour a day. it goes a long way in keeping them happy.







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