Lucas planting beans – playdoh

Lucas has been playing with PlayDoh with his Loola lately in the playroom. this is a five minute transcript of The Child talking.

Lucas: you should be a brave super hero. Me also!

Lucas: you tap it with the scooper.

Lucas: not like that, I will show you. Daddy, I will show you also.

Lucas: now you have to put the beans inside.

Lucas: I put many beans inside

Lucas: so, I have to put the clip, so that I can put the beans inside and then I can roll it. And then it can grow so big!

Lucas: so, I need to make a whole, so they are going to grow soon.

Lucas: Loola, you make a big hole and I am going to make a small hole. I need to make a small hole.

Lucas: no I’m tapping the others. Loola, I will mix that

Lucas: so I need to use the PlayDoh knife to cut it.

Lucas: help me get those out

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