Lessons in a time of Corona – non-academic lessons

Many toddlers will inevitably get tired of reading books and flash cards. They will want to play games or toys. It always helps to have educational toys but you should make sure to keep learning interesting.

One of The Child’s favorite toys are LEGO and similar building blocks sets. We have generic lego with basic shapes and various colors. Then we also have lots of different Star Wars LEGO sets but so far we only gave him the small sets to play with. He will help us build the bigger sets when he gets older.

What’s nice about basic or generic LEGO sets is that it teaches kids to be creative and use their imagination when playing because the pieces are all the same types, they just vary in color. Sometimes he would ask me to make a screwdriver or hammer. Sometimes it would be a house or a tower.

When you give them branded sets like Star Wars then they can recreate scenes from the movies or TV shows or they can mix and match characters. The Child also likes to pretend to be different roles and he even changes voices for each of them. Usually high pitched to higher pitched.

Another nice toy we have are these plastic shapes with magnets inside. They attach to each other easily and you can make a variety of bigger shapes and structures. The magnets aren’t very strong but they are colorful and entertaining. The Child likes to put action figures inside them too. Until they collapse.

One more nice thing to do is to let them draw, paint or color things. We have water color, poster paint and lots of crayons. The Child has never drawn on the walls or floor but accidents do happen.








3 responses to “Lessons in a time of Corona – non-academic lessons”

  1. Monch Weller Avatar

    Hello! Just curious: is that Marian Layug in the last picture?


    1. oneal Avatar

      Yes it is! She is my mother-in-law

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Monch Weller Avatar

        I see; small world, indeed! She was a colleague of mine back when I was working at an English tutorial company. Good to know she’s safe in this time of quarantine.
        Likewise, hope you guys stay safe!


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